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Your decision to become a customer of brings us immense joy. This webpage explains the rules for using our services. It’s essential that you review and understand these policies before using our services. By utilizing our services, you are required to comply with and be legally obligated by these regulations.

Acceptance of Terms

Once you opt to utilize our services, you are implicitly consenting to having acquainted yourself with, comprehended, and endorsed all the rules and obligations specified. It is essential to immediately discontinue the use of our services if you do not consent to any portion of these terms.

Service Description

Bigbrinjal gives you information about the products it offers on this website. Although it is our intention to offer accurate and current services, we maintain the liberty to change or stop offering any part of what we provide with no prior notice.

User Eligibility

To avail of our services, it is imperative for users to be either a minimum of 18 years old or have obtained authorization from a parent or guardian. It is crucial to provide precise and comprehensive information during the registration process and ensure the security of your account details.

Privacy Policy

We really care about keeping your information private and secure. The collection, use, and protection of your private data are all covered under our terms of service. The acceptance of our privacy policy is required when accessing our services.

Intellectual Property

All the things we provide on our services, like words, pictures, and software, belong to and are protected by rules about ownership and copyright. Without our expressed permission in writing, you are not allowed to duplicate, alter, distribute, or disclose any of our content.

Prohibited Activities

While using our services, you agree to refrain from engaging in any illegal, unkind, or detrimental activities. This includes many things, but it’s not only limited to these.

User Content

You own the content you share on our services. However, you give us. Your content can be used, copied, modified, adjusted, published, and displayed internationally without any payment. This is needed to provide our services.

Service Fees and Payments

There may be charges associated with specific services we offer. The fees stated on our website must be paid when utilizing these services.Unless stated differently, payments are not eligible for return.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Our commitment lies in delivering precise and trustworthy information to you, which we strive for through our diligent efforts.It is not within our ability to assure or guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of the provided content or materials. Using our services is dangerous for you.\

Limitation of Liability

Our services are provided without any liability for damages that may occur as a result of your use.This indicates that it encompasses potential harm such as financial loss, data loss, or missed income-generating prospects for your business.


By accepting our services and violating these regulations, you agree to ensure the safety and indemnification of this website, its affiliates, managers, employees, and agents, against any grievances, damages, liabilities, debts, and expenses (such as legal charges).


At our discretion, we may halt your access to our services without any advance warning.

Modifications to Terms & Conditions

From time to time, we might make alterations to these terms and conditions. Any modifications will be immediately effective after being placed on this website. You are showing that you approve of the amended terms by using our services after any revisions.


We appreciate your effort in reading and comprehending the rules that we have implemented. If there’s anything you want to ask or if you’re worried about something, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our goal is to deliver outstanding customer service and guarantee that each user has an enjoyable time.