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Always feel free to browse through our Bigbrinjal website. Ensuring your privateness and safeguarding your records that do not need publicity is of terrific importance to us. Our Privacy Policy outlines the technique of amassing, using, and defending the records supplied by users whilst accessing our internet site and while providing our services.

We urge you to thoroughly read this policy to make sure you are conversant with the ways your personal records is used by us.

Information Collection

It is possible for us to gather any personal information you provide us with while using our website or services. Anyone may share a variety of data, and other vital facts. We make sure to gather this data legally and openly, with your permission.

We might collect some information about you without asking, like your IP address, the type of internet browser you use, details about your device, and data about how you use websites. In order to enhance your experience and advance our services, we gather data through the use of cookies and similar technologies.

Use of Information

Our main goal is to make utilizing our online presence more enjoyable for you. We utilise the data we gather to achieve this. Our goal is to comprehend your preferences, deliver customized information, and enhance our services to meet your needs more effectively.

We might use your contact details to talk to you about updates, offers, and important news about our services. You always have the option to reject receiving these communications.
Providing us with your information enables us to address your inquiries, alleviate your concerns, and deliver efficient assistance to our customers.

We can learn more about the tastes and conduct of our users by evaluating any information we gather. This analysis helps us make better marketing plans and improve what we offer.

Data Security

We dedicate ourselves to the protection of your personal information through diligent work. We use special codes, protective walls, and restrictions to stop anyone from getting into or revealing your information without permission. Without your consent, we never share any of your personal information.

However, we might give some data to reliable companies that help us provide our services or make our website better. It is obligatory for these other companies to uphold the privacy of your information and refrain from employing it for any other objective.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

Cookie Usage

In order to observe and analyze your website usage, tiny files called cookies are stored on your device. Our website utilizes cookies to store your preferences, display relevant content, and gather data on user traffic. By altering the configuration of your web browser, you may manage how cookies function.

Third-party Cookies

Our website might have cookies from other companies that analyze how people use the site and help with advertising. The privacy regulations of the associated third-party providers are adhered to by these cookies.

Legal Compliance

We retain your private data for no longer than is necessary, except otherwise required by legislation. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for us to disclose your personal information in order to abide by legal obligations, respond to legal inquiries, or ensure overall safety.

Your Rights

Your private data that is under our oversight can be accessed by you, and any inaccuracies can be fixed. You have the option to access your account or get in touch with us directly to review and modify your information.

At any time, you have the option to retract your consent and refuse the utilization of your personal information. However, this may make it more difficult to allow you to access certain amenities and functions.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy once in a while to expose any adjustments in how we do things or due to new legal guidelines. The updated policy turns into effective immediately after we have uploaded it on our website.